Why do you choose poplar veneer in most plywood?

Poplar veneer is a thin sheet of poplar wood cut by a rotary cutter, sawmill or planer. It is mainly used to produce plywood. We all know that furniture made from poplar plywood is much stronger and more durable than furniture made from poplar logs.

Multilayers plywood have become an essential raw material for the production of interior furniture and decoration. There are several reasons why many companies are choosing to produce from poplar wood.

The first point is that the largest producing tree species in China is poplar. Poplar is very widely grown in the area north of the Yangtze River. It is almost always the original poplar and is quick to grow, being ready for harvesting in five or six years, making it easy to take. Other species, on the other hand, often require fast-growing varieties to meet production needs due to the small area under cultivation. The difference in quality between fast-growing varieties and virgin timber is considerable.

The second point is that poplar is easy to process. Compared to other woods, poplar is an easy product to process. This saves production costs and makes it easier to control the quality of production. So the use of poplar wood, in order to better ensure the performance of the finished multilayer board panels.

The third point is that poplar wood has fewer knots. Many people in the lumber industry are aware of the impact of knots on the quality and appearance of the wood. The less knots there are, the better for the lumber. Poplar, a wood with fewer knots, has also become the preferred choice of many companies.

The fourth point is that, unlike other boards, multi-layered boards are made by pressing high quality timber veneers. The veneer is obtained by rotary cutting the timber. This is why multilayer boards often require large quantities of large diameter timber. This is in contrast to other uses of pellets, wood chips and wood fibre. Because of the requirements for raw materials, it is trees such as poplar that make the best partner for multi-layer boards.

The fifth point is that, according to incomplete statistics, poplar is one of the most resistant and abundant species of wood in the world. The use of poplar wood for the production of multi-layered solid wood panels guarantees better quality of the finished furniture. The use of poplar wood also contributes to the use of resources and environmental protection.

The sixth and very important point is that the amount of formaldehyde contained in poplar wood is very small. It is common knowledge that wood itself contains traces of formaldehyde, as many of you know. It is common knowledge that wood itself contains some traces of formaldehyde. It is important to note that the so-called “no formaldehyde” and “0 formaldehyde” boards on the market are deceptive. Because the wood itself contains formaldehyde, the amount of formaldehyde contained varies from wood species to wood species.

Therefore, for these reasons, the choice of poplar as a core material has become the obvious choice for furniture plywood. In China, millions of people depend on poplar wood for their livelihoods, working in the harvesting, trading, transport, veneer cutting, drying, plywood processing and production of poplar plywood furniture.


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