What are the parts of veneer peeling lathe?

A veneer peeling lathe is a machine that is used to peel logs into thin sheets of wood veneer. It consists of several parts that work together to produce a continuous sheet of veneer from a log. The following are the main parts of a veneer peeling lathe:

4ft Veneer Peeling Lathe

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The headstock is located at one end of the lathe and holds the log in place while it is being peeled. It consists of a spindle that rotates the log and a mechanism for securing the log to the spindle.

veneer peeling lathe


The tailstock supports the other end of the log and helps to keep it steady during the peeling process. It can be adjusted to accommodate logs of different lengths.


The carriage is the moving part of the lathe. It holds the knife or blade and travels along the length of the log during the peeling process. It is usually powered by a hydraulic or electric motor and guided by precision bearings to ensure smooth and accurate movement.

Knife or Blade:

The knife or blade is the cutting tool that removes the wood from the log and creates the veneer sheet. It is usually made of high-speed steel or carbide. And it can be adjusted to produce veneer sheets of different thicknesses and widths.

Peeling guide:

The peeling guide is a device that helps to guide the knife or blade along the log and ensure a precise and consistent cut. It can be a simple roller or a more complex system that uses laser or camera technology to maintain accuracy.

veneer peeling lathe

Clamping system:

People use the clamping system to secure the log to the headstock and prevent it from slipping during the peeling process. It can be a hydraulic or mechanical clamp that is designed to hold the log securely while it is being peeled.

Control panel:

The control panel is the interface between the operator and the machine. It allows the operator to adjust the speed and pressure of the peeling process and monitor the progress of the operation.

Dust collection system:

People design the dust collection system collect the sawdust and debris generated during the peeling process. So it is an important safety feature that helps to keep the work environment clean and reduces the risk of fire and other hazards.

In conclusion, a veneer peeling lathe is a complex machine. It consists of several key parts that work together to create high-quality wood veneer sheets. The main components of a veneer peeling lathe include the headstock, tailstock, carriage, knife or blade, peeling guide, clamping system, control panel, and dust collection system. Each of these parts is critical to the operation of the machine. And it must be properly maintained to ensure accurate and efficient peeling.


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