Classification of veneer peeling machine

Plywood is an important basic material indispensable for modern construction and decoration, and the production of plywood is inseparable from veneer peeling machine. Veneer peeling machine can be divided into two types: spindle veneer peeling machine and spindleless veneer peeling machine.

spindleless veneer peeling machine price for plywood production
Spindleless veneer peeling machine
spindle veneer peling machine
spindle veneer peling machine

In recent years, the technological innovation of digital, electronic and other related industries also brought new dynamics for the development of veneer peeling machine. The “digital servo control technology” is also widely used in the production and development of various rotary cutting machines. In recent years, CNC veneer peeling machine develops rapidly. CNC veneer peeling machine not only a change in the previous veneer peeling machine may not be high precision, but also to a considerable extent to improve the efficiency of the production and processing of plywood.

CNC spindleless veneer peeling machine is now almost the core equipment of plywood production line or veneer production line. It is mainly used to reuse the remaining cores from the spindle shaft veneer peeling machine.

It is mainly used to reuse the remaining wood cores from the spindle veneer peeling machine. This is because the CNC spindleless veneer peeling machine is capable of cutting the cores within a certain diameter into veneer of controlled thickness and small diameter.

veneer peeling line machine
veneer peeling line machine

It is well known in the industry that veneer peeling machines are generally “big”. And the structure is quite complex. This is almost the most important step to center the logs before starting work. If the centering is not accurate, the machine will produce veneer of different widths, and more chips and pieces of wood, which is a great waste of raw materials.The emergence of digital rotary peeling machine will change this situation, so that the work of rotary veneer peeling machine also becomes controllable, orderly, very humane and efficient.

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