wood veneer peeling machine

Thick core veneer peeling machine is one of important equipment for plywood production. It rotary cuts the wood log into 1-10mm core veneer. It is mainly used to make the furniture plywood, ecological board and other kind of plywood.

It is suitable for big diameter wood log and diameter can be up to 1300mm. The machine can be customized according to client’s requirement.

Because of Taiwan DELTA brand inverter and Franch SCHNEIDER electric components, this machineruns stably.

The whole structure is welded by the Q235B steel and chanel steel, so it is duranble.

Rotary cutting accutacy, quick speed, veneer surface smooth.

Product Description

Wood Veneer Peeling Machine are mainly used for precious face veneer and big diameter logs peeling, like Okume, Birch,Beech, etc.

Its min. peeling thickness can reach 0.1mm, max. peeling log diameter is 1500mm.

Our machine have been exported to Russia, Gabon, India, Europe, etc for more than 30 countries.

Its full automatic peeling line and accurate peeling thickness are highly welcomed from our customer.

We adopts automatic Taiwan Delta control system, all motors are Huali brand, thickness adjustment is can be controlled by both CNC and gear.

It is quality guaranteed machine.

hydraulic face veneer peeling machine
spindle veneer peeling machine for veneer peeling line
hydraulic veneer rotary cutting lathe


Vertical Type
Horizontal Type
Hydraulic Spindle
Max. Log Diameter
Peeling Thickness
Peeling Speed
0-80 m/min
0-80m /min
Total Motor Power
Clamping Chuck
Double Mechanic Chuck
Two Mechanic Chucks
Two rotary Chuck
Total Weight
Overall Dimension
Machine live photo

Wood veneer peeling machine

wood veneer peeling machine for plywood production
wood veneer peeling machine 8ft
wood veneer peeling machine for face veneer
heavy duty wood veneer peeling machine
face veneer peeling machine plywood making machine
face veneer peeling machine plywood making machine
face veneer peeling machine plywood making machine
face veneer peeling machine plywood making machine
Machines in Users’ Factory
what is veneer peeling machinewhat is veneer peeling machine
what is veneer peeling machinewhat is veneer peeling machine
Details Images
1. Taiwan Delta PLC and Inverter
Taiwan Delta PLC and Inverter, Schneider electric parts. CNC touch screen thickness adjustment.
High configuration guarantee perfect peeling performance.
what is veneer peeling machine
2. Siemens motor
All motors are Siemens motor. It is more durable and can work stably in any environment.
what is veneer peeling machine
3.Automatic left core wave conveyor.
Automatic left core wave conveyor. Transfer the left core log to spindleless veneer peeling line directly. Labor saving and improve working efficiency.
what is veneer peeling machine
4.automatic hydrulic double rotary chucks.
automatic hydrulic double rotary chucks. More easy log feeding than single chuck.
And can connect with automatic log centering and feeding system.
what is veneer peeling machine
5.Up and down hydrulic pressure bar
Up & Down double pressure bar. When log peeling the log dia. is changing, the pressure bar will keep the knife gap is
same to ensure the face veneer is evenness and smooth. The veneer is no thickness tolerance.
6. Knife lifting hydrulic nose bar
Knife shifting by hydrulic pressure system, not manual. It saves time and energy,more easy to change the knife.
7.  Hydrulic double rotary chuck 
Servo motor with hardenned R97 gear box, big power and precise.
Hydrulic double rotary chuck heavy duty model one it is suitable for thick core veneer peeling.
8. Automatic double rotary clamping logs 
Double chucks to clamping the logs with automatic advance and retreat clips. Saving time for log feeding and shifting.
Big dia. chuck, more durable, and more advanced,heavy duty.
9.The most advanced hydrulic power pack 
For thick core, we use the most advanced hydrulic power pack, silent power pack,no big noise, strong power. Long life shelf.
Matching machines


Vacuum Core Veneer Stacker

what is veneer stacker


Stacking width : 1300-2600mm
Stacking length : 500-1320mm
veneer thickness : 0.8-10mm
Stacking speed : 90m/min
Vacuum absorb moto : 1.5KW*8PCS
Total weight : 3600kgs


automatic veneer stacking machine


Max. working width : 2700mm
Clipping thickness : 0.8-10mm
The voltage : 380V/415V
Feeding speed : 0-50m/min
Motor power : 4kw*2 servo motor
Product dimension : 9000*4000*1500mm
Weight : 2500KGS

Company Profile
sinoeuro PB particle board making machine
sinoeuro PB particle board plywood making machine
sinoeuro PB particle board making machine plywood production line company
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