veneer peeling machine for plywood

8 Feet Veneer Peeling Machine 

The veneer peeling machine is our main product, divided into two styles.

Product Display:

spindless style
spindle style



The difference between these two products lies in whether there is a device for fixing the wood.
  •   The left side machine,On both sides of the machine there will be devices to hold the wood, which can ensure that the thickness of the wood remains consistent during peeling and reduce waste of raw materials.
  •   The machine on the right is fixed by three rollers. The advantages of this product are its low cost, simple structure, and low maintenance difficulty.

spindle style

This veneer peeeling machine has fixed log devices on both sides, which can produce more veneers with the same number of logs.

spindless style

This machine has a low price. Although the processing of wood is not as precise as the one above, it can quickly process more wood.

Veneer Peeling Machine’s Vide

Both of these products have a strong market in China. This is a video of our customers’ usage during our visit. Based on the usage effect in the video, it is convenient for you to have a clearer understanding of your needs and whether our quality meets your requirements.

⇑     spindless veneer peeling machine     

Customized according to your situation without incurring too many additional costs.

⇑     spindle veneer peeling machine     


Our Customers


Although our customers are not spread all over the world, many regions have already used our machines.

Veneer peeling is very important in the entire process of plywood production, as it directly determines the quality of production. Therefore, choosing a suitable machine is very important. If you need it, feel free to contact me at any time, and I will guide you to choose the machine that suits you.

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