veneer rotary peeling lathe

Veneer rotary peeling lathe

Veneer rotary peeling lathe is an industrial machine that is used to peel thin sheets of wood veneer from a log.

The cost of a veneer peeling machine can vary depending on several factors such as the brand, model, features, and capacity of the machine.


Product description
Veneer peeling machine exhibition

wood veneer peeling machine price

1.Wood rotary peeling Max. Diameter is 550mm.

2.The thickness of the veneer, the gap of the knife can be adjusted automatically. You only need to input the thickness you need,
the machine can adjust the gap of knife by itself. So the workers needless adjust the knife gap by hand.

4ft Veneer Peeling Lathe

1.The advanced CNC system ensures the veneers cut uniformly with high precision and high efficiency.

2. Wood rotary peeling machine and cutting machine all in one.
9 feet Veneer Rotary Peeling Lathe
1.Suitable to different kind wood like eucalyptus, poplar,birth, pine and so on. Adjustable setting, the knife can be easily checked for sharpening.
2.The machine uses high-precision gear wear and durability

Thickness of veneer peeler 0.8-4.0mm
Veneer output speed 45m/min fixed speed
Double roller diameter φ125mm
Single roller diameter φ125mm
double roller diameter 125mm R87 hard tooth surface reducer
Power of double roller motor 7.5kw*2(Motor:Zhongtai brand )
Single roller diameter 125mm R87 hard tooth surface reducer
Power of single roller motor 7.5kw*2(Motor:Zhongtai brand )
Power of screw feeding motor 11kw sever motor
Power of clipper 2.2kw
Size of blade 1500*180*16mm
Overall dimensions 4700*2100*1700mm
Max.log diameter 550mm
Min.left core diameter 26mm
Total weight 6400kg
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