Veneer patching machine

Automatic veneer patching machine doesn’t need any glue and tape.the patching shape can be customized.GEELONG plywood machinery is professional automatic veneer patching machine supplier.

Automatic Plywood veneer Core patcher repairing machine


veneer patching machine

Veneer patching machine is in plywood production process, to patch the natural veneer defect and dots that exists in veneer surface and core veneer, suitable for patching of various types veneer which in different thickness. And veneer pitching machine can improve the grade and quality of veneer. In particular wood-based panels plywood production process, we need to repair natural defects board. You can subscribe our Youtube for more imformation: Sinoeuro Plywood Machinery Wendy

veneer repairing machine

For a long time, China’s plywood production enterprise is mostly hand-repair method, even with a knife die direct repair, and can only make out shapes and blocks, and then manually filling and paper tape or hot melt adhesive filaments,the process material costs, labor costs are also time-consuming, depending on the mend after being significantly affect the appearance.

veneer patcher

Our automatic Veneer Patching machine with a pressing mold, to remove the defects and replacement with a good core to be a good core. The machine is suitable for a variety of wood veneer repair. It is simple,fast speed, manpower saving,to reduce production costs and improve the quality of the board.

Mending shape:butterfly or oval

Patching size on veneer sheet is optional

75×130 mm
Molds can be customized according to requirements.
Besides the veneer patcher, we also supply complete plywood production line machines.



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