Log Tree Debarking Machine

If the wood log is rotary peeled directly without wood debarking, the bark fiber block blade seam easily. And there is the metal and soil sand in the bark, these things easily damage the kinfe blade durig veneer peeling work, so the wood debark must be removed before rotary veneer peeling. This machine is main equipment to remove wood bark and before veneer peeling work/

Log Tree Debarking Machine

Log Tree Debarking Machine

Name and Model
4ft log debarking machine
8ft log debarking machine with chipper
Max. length of peeler log
Max. diameter of peeler log
Φ80-Φ800mm (Log drop diameter 650mm)
Blade size
Linear speed of host machine
Diameter of double roller
Diameter of single roller
Power of double roller
Power of single roller
Power of hydraulic station
Power of assist debarking
Power of waste chipper
Total power
350 gear type reducer
350 gear type reducer
Total weight
Overall dimensions
Product Description
Log Tree Debarking Machine for veneer peeling
Automatic Log Tree Debarking Machine for Plywood

Feature: 1. The double roller comes forward and backward. It is convenient for wood unloading and wood unloading,
which can improve the speed of bark removing work.
2. Adopting hydraulic feeding system, the pressure can be adjusted to suit different density of wood.
3. The machine’s working width and opening stroke can be customized according to client’s requirement.
4. Reasonable machine design, machine runs stably, easy operation.
5. High production efficiency. Enlarged double roller and single roller.
Double power improve its peeling speed, both for the hard wood and soft wood.
Log Tree Debarking Machine for veneer peeling

Debarking machine is divided into 4ft normal model debarking machine, 4ft heavy duty updated debarking machine and hydraulic debarking machine.

Heavy duty updated debarking machine is updated based on the normal model debarking machine,
the whole machine structure is welded by the steel and the structure design is more stable and reasonable;
Hydraulic station is equipped with oil cooler, avoid the sealing of cylinder damage,
and this high quality hydraulic station can ensure this debarking machine 24 hours’ working without any stop.
We can supply you with different debarking machine depending on the wood species and capacity.
Log Tree Debarking Machine for veneer peeling

In addition to this, the machine can also be equipped with a crushing function, so that it can be used for waste purposes and the raw material can be used efficiently.

Log Tree Debarking Machine for veneer peeling
1. After the bark peeling could protect peeling knife in veneer peeling step, improve veneer grade
2. Adopts rotary cutting principle of non-chuck rotary lathe
3. Hydraulic pressure drive into the constructions, can quickly and effectively remove bark and complete log the round work
4. One debarker machine can supply with two rotary lathe, save about five or six people
5. Hydraulic feeding, can debarking and roundup small size raw log
Log Tree Debarking Machine for veneer peeling
Log Tree Debarking Machine for veneer peeling
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Company Profile
sinoeuro plywood machinery veneer peeling Machine for plywood
sinoeuro plywood machinery veneer peeling Machine for plywood
Our Services
Pre-sale service
1. Provide the free consultation of equipment
2. Provide the standard device and the flow chart
3. According to the clients’ special requirement, offering the reasonable plan and free design to help to select the equipment .
4. Welcome to visit our factory

Service during the sales
1. Inspect the machine before leaving the factory

2. Oversea install and debug the equipment
3. Train the first-line operator
After sales service
1. 24 hours online service

2. Provide the VIDEO with install and debug the equipment
3. Provide technical exchanging
4. Engineers be able to go abroad for service
Packing & Delivery
sinoeuro plywood machinery veneer peeling Machine for plywood
To better ensure the safety of your goods, professional, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient packaging services will be provided.
sinoeuro plywood machinery veneer peeling Machine for plywood
We can supply complete production line equipment, including rotary cutters, peelers, hot presses, dryers, etc. If you have any needs, you can also contact us !


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