Plywood making machines

Plywood making machine includes veneer peeling machine, core veneer composer, glue spreader, cold press, hot press, edge trimming saw machine, sanding machine and so on.

Plywood making machines

Plywood making machines include veneer peeling machine, veneer dryer, core veneer composer, glue spreader, cold press, hot press machine, edge trimming saw and sanding machine.

This is plywood overview chart.

Plywood Overview Chart

plywood making production line

Plywood is one of the common materials used for furniture. The usual length and width specifications are: 1220*2440mm, 1250*2500mm, 915*1830mm, etc.,

while the thickness specifications are generally: 3, 5, 9, 12, 15, 18mm, etc. The main tree species are: willow, pine, poplar, eucalyptus, etc.

We can provide not only plywood making machines, but also professional plywood planning according to your site and investment budget.
plywood machines

Product Description
Veneer Peeling Section
plywood making machine veneer peeling line
Log Debarking Machine

Log Tree Debarking Machine for veneer peeling

wood log debarking machine

This wood debarking machine is updated. The whole machine structure is welded by the steel and the structure design is more stable and reasonable.

Hydraulic station is equipped with oil cooler, avoid the sealing of cylinder damage,

and this high quality hydraulic station can ensure this debarking machine 24 hours’ working without any stop.

Veneer Peeling Machine


veneer peeling machine veneer peeling lathe plywood veneer peeler

It is normal model veneer peeling machine and the max.wood log processing diameter is 600mm.

Min. diameter of the wood core after peeling is 24mm, can max. help our client save wood log material.
It has touching screen control system. You can preview the details by clicking on the image.
face veneer peeling machine spindle veneer peeling machine hydraulic veneer peeling machine
It rotary cuts the big diameter wood and wood diameter can be up to 1500mm.
Machine peeling spindle can be equipped with spindle supporting frame, can realized 2ft-8ft different processing width adjustment.
Rotary cutting with high accuracy, quick speed, veneer surface smooth. You can preview the details by clicking on the image.

Plywood Making Section

Veneer Dryer
Hollow veneer dryer
veneer dryer
This is simple veneer dryer equipment. Low cost and low investment. Installed dimension is small. Good drying performance, at least 0.5-1.0 CBM per cycle.
Breathe veneer dryer
breathe veneer dryer machine
There is simultaneous opening and closing system and dry the veneer uniformly. The board paved by this machine is with high quality,
and very easy to open high grade plywood market.
Roller veneer dryer
veneer drying machine
Continuous veneer drying equipment, high efficiency and large capacity. The working layers quantity can be designed. You can preview the details by clicking on the image.

Core Veneer Composer
core veneer composer
Veneer after drying may have different length and thickness, and the shapes may get irregular. This machine can detect the width, thickness, cavities of the panels,
and have them rimmed, glued, spliced, cut to length and stacked automatically.
Pneumatic glue spreader
veneer composer machine
This machine can mainly  produce plywood, LVL, furniture board, construction plywood and so on. You can preview the details by clicking on the image.

Glue Spreader 
Common glue spreader
4ft veneer glue spreader machine for plywood
The glue spreader machine spreads the glue on the core veneers, multi-layer board, plywood, block board and so on. The diameter can be up to 245mm or 410mm.
Pneumatic glue spreader
pnuematic glue spreader

Making rubber roller with natural rubber. No trace of glue, it is the preferred equipment of face veneer. You can preview the details by clicking on the image.

Veneer Paving Machine

veneer paving machineveneer paving machine

It is suitable for multi-layer board, building construction plywood, furniture board. The advantage is to reduce costs, save materials, save labors.

It can be divided into 18m, 24m, 30m, 36m length and other specifications can be divided into saw cutting and hydraulic cutting type.
You can preview the details by clicking on the image.

Veneer Pressing Machine


Cold press machine

cold press machine for plywood plywood making machines
The pre-press production method can shorten hot pressing cycle time and improve the plywood quality.
Hot press machine
door hot press
Micro-computer control system is made by good quality hydraulic unit, fast press, accurate press, high efficiency. You can preview the details by clicking on the image.
High layers hot press machine
plywood hot press machine plywood making machines
This machine can improve stability and fast closing speed. It can effectively solve traditional hot press with high energy consumption and low output problem.
It is suitable to large capacity plywood manufactruer.

Edge trimming saw machine
plywood edge trimming saw machineplywood edge trimming saw machine
This machine can cut the raw board to meet the size requirements of the finished board. Planing machine produces the machine frame and rail, which ensures the accuracy of the sawing machine. Automatic lifting function of pusher and transfer platform is the key to increase the output of plywood.
You can preview the details by clicking on the image.

Calibrating sanding machine
calibration and sanding machine plywood making machines polishing and sanding machine plywood making machines
Double sides sanding machine and calibrating and polishing sanding machine
It can sand the following wood-based boards intensively or according to the required thickness:solid-wood jointing board,
plywood, block board, fiber board and so on. 0.5-1 mm big thickness remove with perfect surface finishing.
The machine adopts the overall welded frame structure, with strong rigidity, good stability and long service life of the machine.
You can preview the details by clicking on the image.

Product Applicaions

plywood making machines

Company Description

plywood making machines manufacturer

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