plywood edge trimming saw

This machine is used to cut the raw board to meet the size requirements of the finished board. During the production of veneer, in order to ensure that the size of
the plywood meets the specified requirements, there is usually a margin size left. Therefore, the plywood after hot press is slightly larger than the specified size. Through the process of trimming, the margin left will be removed. This saw machine is best sawing line in Linyi city, each year the quantity of our sawing line production can reach 300-400sets.

Plywood edge trimming saw machine

Product Description


plywood edge trimming saw
Automatic vertical and horizontal edge sawing machine is suitable for the production of wood-based panel edge cutting process.
This product has the advantages of high speed, stable operation and low noise;
The advantages of standard and unified size of finished products;
Its automatic sawing has the characteristics of high cutting quality, smooth plate end face, no edging and high production efficiency.
Plywood edge trimming saw is also one of the indispensable equipment for high-end wood-based panel production enterprises.
plywood edge trimming saw
Long saw cutting size
Lateral saw cutting size
Working speed
Saw blade dimension
Diameter 305mm,lnner diameter 25.4mm
The working style
infrared ray guidance
Feed Way
Full Automatic
Work Methods
Full Automatic
Overall dimension

Main Features

1. The main structure is strong with enoughrigidity and high stability.
2. The high efficiency: one shift working(2 worker and 8 hours) can produce 4000-5000pcs(18mm).
3. This saw has high precision anti-wearing guide rail, infrared guidance.
4. High automatic: all working process is controlled by PLC, automatic cutting and stacking.
5. Automatic device to clear and collect the edge strips cut off from the panel.
6. This machine only needs 2 workers for feeding, and automatic feeding style onely need one worker.
7. Servo motor supply the smooth running, high speed,high precise, precise position.

plywood edge trimming saw
edge trimming saw machine
edge trimming saw machine
Detailed Images
Driving Motor


edge trimming saw

Name: Servo motor

Domestic famous motor, strong driving force, low power consumption. From the lowest to the highest speed, speed servo motor can run smoothly and strong ability of overload.

Saw blade

edge trimming saw machine

The overal diameter is 305mm, the inner diamter is 24.5mm

Infrared Ray Device

edge trimming saw for plywood

Name: Infrare guidance device

Infared ray device can give a clear size cutting guidance, to make it high precision size cutting , also make the workers easy to judge the exactly position for the board feeding .

Stacking System

plywood edge trimming saw

Name: Automatic stacking system device

Full automatic stacking system to gurantee the whole trimming jobs process smooth and fast. Saving labors and time. It can stack and tidy the finished board in to bunddles.

All working process is controlled by PLC,so in plywood production,final size cutting will be completely automatic Edge cutting and Stacker.

Our Service


1.Free consultation about the equipment.
2.Reasonable purchasing plan and the production line designing plan are offered according to the clients’ special requirment to help you to select the most suitable machinery.
3.Welcome to visit our factory and check our machine.

1. We inspect and test the machine before delivery.
2.We are willing to freely tran your technicist and first-line operator.

1.Engineers are available to service overseas.
2.Videos about installing and debuging the equipment


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