plywood edge cutting saw

This machine is used to cut the raw board to meet the size requirements of the finished board. During the production of veneer, in order to ensure that the size of
the plywood meets the specified requirements, there is usually a margin size left. Therefore, the plywood after hot press is slightly larger than the specified size. Through the process of trimming, the margin left will be removed. This saw machine is best sawing line in Linyi city, each year the quantity of our sawing line production can reach 300-400sets.

plywood edge cutting saw

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plywood cutting machine


The machien frame and rail is produced by planing machine, which ensure the accuracy of the sawing machine.

The saw uses double saw blade to prevent burrs on the board edge area.

The wide saw design technology prevents dust from falling and improves the service life of the cylindrical guide.

The saw can be customized according to clients’ special requirement.


plywood edge cutting saw machine

Plywood edge cutting saw specification


Model  Automatic PLC 4*8FT fixed size  Siemens PLC Size Adjustable Servo motor CNC Automatic Plywood Double Sizer Full automatic No maual plywood edge trimming saw
Board size 4*8ft 2.5*6ft-4*8ft (adjustable) 2360-2600X1220-1300mm (3*6ft-4*8ft Adjustable) (3*6ft-4*8ft Adjustable) 915-1220,1830-2240mm
Long saw cutting size 2440mm 1830-2440mm(adjustable) 2440mm(adjustable) 2440mm(adjustable)
Lateral saw cutting size 1220mm 760-1220mm(adjustable) 1220mm(adjustable) 1220mm(adjustable)
Working thickness 10-60mm 10-60mm 10-60mm 10-60mm
Working speed 10—30m/min 10—30m/min 10—30m/min 0—30m/min
Weight 5500kgs 6000kgs 5500kgs 5500kgs
Power 37KW 38.4KW 37KW 41.2KW
Capacity 5500kgs 6000kgs 5500kgs 5500kgs
Overall dimension 8000×5000×120mm 8000×5000×120mm 8000×5000×120mm 8000×5000×120mm
Machine live photo

 plywood edge cutting saw machine

Siemens PLC: The machine uses Siemens brand PLC and Siemens Brand inverter.It runs stably.

Double saw blade: Double saw blade design, one big and one samll blade that protect plywood edge from crackin, the edge is very smmoth.



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 edge trimming saw

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 plywood cutting machine

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plywood cutting machine bamboo plywood production line

plywood cutting machine bamboo plywood production line
plywood cutting machine bamboo plywood production line
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