hot platen veneer dryer

Veneer dryer machine is main equipment for plywood production. This breathing type veneer pressing dryer apply for core veneer’s dehumidification, drying and leveling. The core veneer after drying will be with high flatness and sufficient shrinkage.

There is simultaneous opening and closing system and dry the veneer uniformly.

With special peocessing, hot platen has a favorable tide exhaust groove on both sides, which makes veneer exhaust moisture fast and efficiently.

The veneer face after drying is very flat, the board paved by this dried veneers is with high quality, and very easy to open high grade plywood market.

Product Description
15 Layers Solid Hot Platen Veneer Dryer

HOT PLATEN CORE VENEER DRYER also called Breathing Type Veneer Dryer, it is one of three types core veneer dryer.

1. It is suitable high quality core veneer dryer, especially for thick core veneer.

2. It works same as hot press machine, the hot platen will press core veneer to make it more flat.
3. Normally one 4ft veneer peeling line need equip with 2-3 sets 15 layers solid press dryer.

4. It is widely used in Russia, Indonesia area for Birch and Albizia core veneer, etc.

5. There is grooves on hot platen surface for veneer moisture remove.
hot platen veneer dryer machine for plywood production

Specification of Plywood Hot Press

The working size, layers, groove size and depth can all be customized according to client’s requirements.
Max. Working Pressure
Working Layers
Distance Between Each Layer
Hot Platen Size
1370*2700*42mm, 2 in 2 out
1700*2700*42mm, 2 in 2 out
Diamond groove, Diamond spacing 40*40mm,  depth:1mm,  width:1.5mm
Diamond groove, Diamond spacing 40*40mm, depth:1mm, width:1.5mm
Hot Platen Quantity
Motor Power
Hydraulic Station
Sclient power pack
Sclient power pack
Control System
PLC automatic control
PLC automatic control
Up, Middle, Bottom Beam Height
400mm, 260mm, 400mm
500mm, 300mm, 500mm
Column Width
Machine Weight
Live Photos of Veneer Press Dryer
half open and half close type veneer pressing dryer machine
half open and half close type veneer pressing dryer machine
half open and half close type veneer pressing dryer machine
half open and half close type veneer pressing dryer machine15 layers veneer dryerhalf open and half close type veneer pressing dryer machine
Machine Advantage
1. CNC Platner Processing Frame

Whole frame is made of GB Q235 steel plate or manganese steel, through CNC planer processing.

500T hot press adopts 35mm steel.
600T hot press adopts 40mm steel.

2. Full Auto PLC Control Sytem

Adopts Taiwan DELTA PLC + Touch Screen,

France Schneider Electrical Parts,
Automatic high voltage 6 section voltage holding time control system
3. Wuxi Original Cylinder

Wuxi Suyi Brand Oil Cylinder,

Condensing cast iron,
Chrome plating surface,
Weight improved oil cylinder,
No oil leaking problem.
4. Grooved Hot Platen
Hot platen is 42mm thickness, thermal oil double in and out.
Groove depth 1mm, width 1.5mm,
CNC planer process and polishing,
Uniform heat transfer,
Small surface temperature difference
5.  Silent Dust-free Hydraulic Station

Adopts Taiwan HEANG valve,

Kinyuen vane pump,

Siemens motor.

Slient, Dust-free, Maintenance-free.


6. Synchronous Closer

Guarantee each layer close at same time, so that each layer veneer can have same moisture content.

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