hollow core particleboard machine

Hollow core particle board machine line
The shavings are transported to a certain height through the air feed device and are applied with glue.
When the extrusion head rises to a certain height, the glue applied shavings fall into the extruder by gravity.
When the extrusion head presses down to a certain height, the shavings stop entering. The extrusion head extrudes the shavings.
The shavings enter the space left by the hot pressing plate and the extrusion head to form a hollow structure,
so that the extrusion process can be realized in a cycle.


Hollow Core Particle Board Production Line

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Main data of hollow core slab machine

NO Description Specifications
1 Maximum width 2090mm
2 Thickness range 25-50mm
3 Heating temperature 180-210℃
4 Working frequency 120 times/min
5 Capacity 20-25 pcs/hour
6 Total power 55kw
7 Overall dimensions 3200*1200*3800mm
8 Total weight 18tons
9 Hourly material consumption 500kg/set

Product description
Hollow particle board Production Line
Professional engineers provide design drawings.
20+ years experieced PB, OSB, plywood machine manufacturer with strong quality control system and team.
Production process flow: Log → chip → transport → chip storage → chip → drying → grinding → particle screening → particle storage → sizing and waxing → uniform feeding → continuous stamping → cross cutting saw → finished product inspection and warehousing.


Machine list
Equipments list of hollow core slab machine

1.Hollow core particle board hot press

Hollow Core Particle Board Production LineHollow Core Particle Board Production LineHollow Core Particle Board Production Line

More introduction

Characteristics of Hollow Particleboard
1. Impact resistance: because it has holes, circular compression resistance is good, and it can withstand 20KG pressure per square centimeter;
2. Thermal insulation performance: 40mm thick hollow particle board is equivalent to the thermal insulation effect of 300mm brick wall;
3. Sound insulation effect: the sound insulation effect of 40mm thick hollow particle board can reach 28dB;
4. Stability: ensure the accurate thickness tolerance of core material is 0.1mm, with good stability;



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