automatic veneer peeling line

Veneer peeling line machine include log cutting machine, log debarking machine, veneer peeling machine and veneer stacker.

automatic veneer peeling line

A complete automatic veneer peeling line consists mainly of log debarking machine, veneer peeling machine and stacker.

In the case of an automatic line an automatic conveyor is also required.

veneer peeling line

We have different types of debarking machine and veneer rotary cutting machine,

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Log Debarking machine
The debarking machine is divided into common debarking machine and debarking machine with chipper.
Hydraulic system makes the machine run stable.

wood log debarker

The whole machine structure is welded by the steel and the structure design is more stable and reasonable. Hydraulic station and oil cooler avoid the sealing of cylinder damage, and this high quality hydraulic station can ensure this debarking machine 24 hours’ working without any stop.

Veneer peeling machine

veneer peeling latheveneer peeling machineveneer peeling machine

It is normal model veneer peeling machine and the max.wood log processing diameter is 600mm.

Min. diameter of the wood core after peeling is 24mm, can max. help our client save wood log material.

It has touching screen control system. You can preview the details by clicking on the image.

veneer peeling machineveneer peeling machineveneer peeling machine

It is suitable for rotary cutting the big diameter wood and wood diameter can be up to 2000mm

Machine peeling spindle with spindle supporting frame can realized 2ft-8ft different processing width adjustment.

Rotary cutting with high accuracy, quick speed, veneer surface smooth. You can preview the details by clicking on the image.

Veneer stacker 

veneer stackerautomatic veneer stacker

A conveyor belt transfers the veneer to the stacker. The stacker can automatically receive the veneer.

This process not only improves efficiency. It can also save on labour costs.

If you want to automate your production, this is the machine to choose

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plywood production line

In addition to automatic veneer peeling line, we also have plywood production line, PB and OSB production line, MDF production line, bamboo plywood production line and so on. And we have many years of experience and proven machines in this area of wood-based panel machinery. If you have any questions in this area, please feel free to ask us.

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