3 ton forklift truck

3 ton forklift trucks for handling, choose HeLi !

Easy to operate
Thicker forks
Powerful with well-known engines
Save time and effort
heli forklift
Parameter of 3 ton Forklift Truck
FD30 3T Diesel Lift
Load capacity
3000 kg
Load center
500 mm
Power type
Max. lifting speeds(with load)
Max. driving speeds(with/without load)
Max towering (with load)
Grade ability (with load)
15/20 %
Mast lifting height (H1)
Free lift
145 mm
Tilting angles(forward α-backward β)
Min. turning radius
Min. Right angle aisle width
Min. under-clearance
Fork size(L*W*T)
Type of power shift
Overall dimension
Total weight
Product description

China forklift

Main Features
1) The gearbox is made up of the world’s most advanced expendable pattern casting, and it is one time forming, high accuracy, close cooperation, and passed the 300 thousand inspection.
2) The hydraulic system adopts imported seal, and the interface is made of conical surface seal. The sealing performance is good, and no leakage of oil is found.
3) Lifting cylinder built-in buffer device, using the international leading piston cylinder and equipped with rising buffer device.
4)Steel high pressure oil pump, oil cleaner, more reliable.
Advanced ergonomic technology 
Increased legroom and reduced pedal height
forklift heli
Steering wheel
The use of a smaller diameter steering wheel reduces the fatigue intensity of the operator.

China forklift

Preferred materials

High-strength roof guard frame with profiled steel tube for high strength and good cab sealing.

The whole vehicle adopts LED light emitting body, which saves energy and power and substantially improves the performance and service life of the lamps.
The whole vehicle is made of environmentally friendly materials, reducing the harm to the environment.
Optimized design

The boarding armrests are larger, making it easier to get into the car.

The new design of the door frame system, with the cab dashboard moved down, greatly improves the driver’s forward visibility.
Comfort and safety

Tilting cylinder sheathing for the whole vehicle aesthetically.

Vacuum-assisted travel brake system with small operating force and interference-free braking and steering.
Efficient and stable

Hood safety latch for operator driving safety and easy opening.

The intuitive LCD instrument panel is more functional and stable, and can display the entire vehicle running status, engine faults and other important information in full, so that the operator can understand the vehicle condition more intuitively and facilitate maintenance.
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