Predictive analysis: 2022 China’s plywood industry development status and development trend

Plywood machinery is growing rapidly. In recent years, China’s output of plywood shows a steady growth trend. With the industry supply-side reform gradually speed up, the industry will show 4 major development trends.

  • The development status of the plywood industry
  1. Wood based panel output

With the development of China’s economy and urbanization and the improvement of production technology and techniques, China has become the world’s largest producer of wood based panels. China’s wood based panel output continues to increase: 2016 China’s plywood output was 300.42 million cubic meters in 2016, growing to 311.01 million cubic meters in 2020, with a compound annual growth rate of 0.87%.

( Data source: China Forestry and Grassland Statistical Yearbook, organized by China Business Industry Research Institute )

2. Wood based panel consumption

China’s consumption of plywood grows from 280.55 million cubic meters in 2016 to 303.80 million cubic meters in 2020, with a compound annual growth rate of 2.01%.

Plywood machine plywood production line machine

( Data source: “China Man-Made Board Industry Report 2021”, collated by China Business Industry Research Institute )

3.The market structure of wood based panel

And from the perspective of consumption structure, plywood is still dominant in the market. Fiberboard and particleboard consumption ratio as a whole remains stable. Plywood accounts for 62.7% of all plywood consumption; fiberboard comes second, accounting for 20.1%; particleboard comes third, accounting for 10.5%.

  • The development trend of wood based panel

1.The market share of particle board is expected to increase

The supply-side reform of China’s plywood industry will gradually speed up. And the market share of particleboard, especially the medium and high-end particle board with stable quality, higher strength and good environmental performance, is expected to further increase. The development of particle board with low price and high quality is conducive to effectively alleviating the contradiction of imbalance between supply and demand of wood in China, which is in line with the sustainable development strategy of China’s ecological environment and has great potential for future development.

  2.Fiberboard, particleboard subdivision industry concentration continues to improve

Fiberboard and particle board have a high technical threshold, and the number and production capacity of continuous flat press production lines are gradually increasing, constantly replacing traditional production lines such as single-layer presses and multi-layer presses. The trend of industrial upgrading in the wood based panel industry is obvious, and the way enterprises adopt large-scale operation is an inevitable trend to maintain competitiveness in the industry in the future.


3. Application areas of wood-based panel are gradually expanding

After the progress of the production technique and the improvement of production efficiency, the performance index of wood-based board has been improved significantly. In addition to applications in traditional fields such as home furnishing and decoration, assembly construction, printed circuit board matting, special packaging, sports equipment and music equipment are also gradually developing.

4.The environmental grade of wood based board is further improved

Industry regulatory policies and green consumer demand prompted the continuous transformation and upgrading of the wood-based panel industry, wood-based panel manufacturing enterprises committed to developing products with lower formaldehyde emissions, which will accelerate the elimination of low-end production capacity of wood-based panels. 

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