Laminated Veneer Lumber

LVL is made of thick veneer laminated along the grain direction, hot pressed, glued and sawn.

Advantages of laminated veneer lumber

Compared with solid wood, LVL has the advantages of uniform structure, high strength, good dimensional stability, and can meet the use requirements of wood structure construction, bridges, furniture and transportation.Characteristics, properties and applications of laminated veneer lumber (LVL)

Laminated veneer wood (LVL) is a kind of high-strength engineering wood, which is made by bonding multiple veneer layers by layers with adhesive. LVL was developed to use new species and smaller trees that cannot be used to make solid sawn timber. LVL is a cost-effective and sustainable building material that can provide high structural strength and reliability when used in structural applications.

Characteristics of Veneer Laminate (LVL)

LVL belongs to the category of structural composite wood (SCL), which is made of dried and graded wood veneer, batten or veneer.

Veneers are laminated and bonded together with moisture-proof adhesive. The stacking direction of the veneer is the same, that is, the wood grain is perpendicular to the length of the blank (the blank is a complete plate formed by stacking them).

The thickness of veneer used for manufacturing LVL is less than 3 mm, and it is produced by rotary stripping technology. These veneers are well processed, scanned for defects, analyzed for moisture content, and cut to a width of 1.4 m using a rotary shear for LVL production.

LVL is prone to decay when exposed to high moisture content or used in an unventilated area. Therefore, LVL should be treated with preservatives to prevent decay or infection of such applications.

LVL can use common tools for sawing, nailing and drilling. You can also punch holes in these components to install services.

Schematic diagram of LVL automatic production line

The manufacturing thickness of LVL plate or blank is 35 to 63 mm, and the length can reach 12 m.

The fire resistance of LVL is similar to that of solid wood, and the carbonization rate is slow and predictable. The rate varies according to the type of wood used and the size of members.

Because the veneers in the LVL face the same direction, they are particularly suitable for beam structures. The length, depth and strength of LVL beam can effectively bear the load of large span.

Advantages of LVL

1. LVL has excellent size strength and weight strength ratio, that is, LVL with smaller size has greater strength than solid core. Compared with its weight, it is also stronger.

2. Relative to its density, it is the strongest wooden material.

3. LVL is a widely used wooden product. It can be used with plywood, wood or OSB.

4. According to different manufacturers, LVL can be manufactured into plates or blanks of almost any size or size.

5. LVL is made of wood materials with uniform quality and minimum defects. Therefore, their mechanical properties can be easily predicted.

6.LVL can be customized according to the structural requirements.

Application of LVL in architecture

It can be used to manufacture I-beams, beams, columns, lintels, road signs, headers, rim plates, templates, floor supports, etc. Compared with solid wood, the high tensile strength of LVL makes it a common choice to construct trusses, such as purlins, truss chords, diagonal rafters, etc.LVL needs appropriate handling and storage requirements to avoid warpage. Even if the production cost of LVL is very low, it also requires a high initial capital investment.

LVL production line, LVL auto making line

Laminated veneer lumber (LVL) is a new type of artificial lumber, which is made from small diameter and low quality logs and glued by the parallel lamination. LVL not only retains the natural characteristics of wood, but also has the structural characteristics of solid wood sawn wood, with small strength variability, high allowable design stress, and good dimensional stability. The products can be used for building components, building interior decoration, furniture, car and train carriage plates, container plates, etc.


 LVL can also be used for formwork beams, columns, joists and sleepers, etc., with a wide range of applications. The research of LVL as a new type of plate began in the early 1970s. First, foreign research institutions developed the manufacturing technology of LVL almost at the same time, and then Finland built the first LVL production line in 1976. At present, there are as many as 19 LVL production lines and factories in Japan. In addition, Australia, South Korea, New Zealand, South Africa and Russia have industrialized production of LVL. The Institute of Wood Industry of the Chinese Academy of Forestry completed the development of LVL in 1988 and passed the appraisal in the same year.

Furthermore, the manufacturing and R&D of China’s LVL production line, at present, 40%~60% of LVL is used in the construction industry, such as wood structure houses, so the use of LVL has developed in Japan, Europe and other developed countries, while the use of LVL in China is still in the development stage. The vast majority of the production of LVL from Chinese plate factories is exported to Japan, Australia, New Zealand and European countries. Linyi, as a national woodbased panel base, has rich experience in the production of LVL equipment.Sinoeuro Machinery is specialized in manufacturing LVL production line machinery with strong technology force.

LVL Automatic line Hot press

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