What kind of glue spreader machine is best suited for plywood?

When it comes to woodworking and the production of plywood, choosing the right gluing machine is crucial to achieving quality and efficiency. The production of plywood involves bonding several layers of veneer together with an adhesive and the gluing machine is responsible for applying the adhesive evenly and accurately to the surface of each veneer.

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There are several types of glue spreader machines on the market, each with its own unique features and advantages. However, the most suitable coater for plywood production is the roller glue spreader.

plywood glue spreader

A roller glue spreader is a machine that uses a set of evenly spaced rollers to apply the adhesive to the veneers. The rollers rotate at a consistent speed and apply a uniform amount of glue, resulting in a consistent spread and adhesive coverage. Depending on the production process, the adhesive can be applied to one or both sides of the veneer.

The roller glue spreader machine can also be adjusted to control the amount of glue, which is important to ensure that the plywood meets the required specifications. In addition, it allows the use of a range of adhesives, including urea-formaldehyde, phenol-formaldehyde and melamine-formaldehyde.

There are several factors to consider when selecting a roller gluing machine for plywood production, including:

Roller Diameter:

The diameter of the rollers determines the thickness of the adhesive layer applied to the veneer. A machine with smaller diameter rollers will apply a thinner layer of adhesive, while larger diameter rollers will apply a thicker layer.

glue spreader roller

Roller Spacing:

The spacing between the rollers also plays a crucial role in ensuring even adhesive application. A closer roller spacing will result in a more even adhesive spread, while wider spacing may result in gaps and uneven adhesive coverage.

Machine Size:

We should also consider the size of the machine, as it determines the amount of veneer. A larger machine can handle more veneer sheets simultaneously, thus increasing production efficiency.

plywood glue spreader

Machine Speed:

The machine speed determines the production rate and should be chosen based on the desired output and production capacity.

Adhesive Type:

The type of adhesive used should be compatible with the machine and the production process, and should meet the required industry standards and regulations.

In conclusion, a roller glue spreader machine is the best-suited machine for plywood production, due to its ability to apply adhesive evenly and consistently onto the veneers. The selection of the machine should consider factors such as roller diameter, roller spacing, machine size, machine speed, and adhesive type to ensure optimal production efficiency and quality.


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