Best 5  veneer peeling line Manufacturers in Turkey

What is Veneer peeling machine? Veneer peeling machine is suitable for wood veneer production line. Which is fixed by double-rollers and adopts advanced computer numerical control (CNC) system, the CNC computer screen display the current diameter of the wood log and the rotational speed of roller.

Classification of Veneer peeling lathe

Veneer peeling machine is one of the main equipment for plywood production, which is divided spindleless peeling machine and spindle peeling machine. With the progress of science and technology, digital servo control technology has also been applied to the production of veneer peeling machine. In recent years, CNC peeling machine has emerged. The appearance of CNC peeling machine not only improves the quality and accuracy of the production veneer, but also greatly improves the production efficiency and the degree of automation of the whole machine. The spindleless peeling machine is the first essential equipment in the plywood production line. With its mature technology export almost are Full automatic line.

Characteristics of Veneer peeling machine:

The veneer peeling machine is used to cut wood segments into veneer. The general method of rotary cutting is: the left and right clamping shafts clamp the two ends of the wood segment and drive it to rotate. The rotary knife edge installed on the cutter bed is parallel to the axis of the clamping shaft and feeds along its vertical direction. The veneer with equal thickness is rotary cut along the direction of the tree ring of the wood segment.

Advantages of spindleless veneer peeling machine

Sinoeuro Machinery manufacturer is a professional manufacturer with 25 years experience for Veneer peeling. Have lots of successful project in Indonesia, Turkey, Russia and Africa.There are many advantages:

1.Key Technology

Special structure to adjust the blade gap, our machine adopt double roller moving method,during peeling the blade gap will change automaticlly according to the log diameter.

The screw part is fully close, dust and veneer chips will not enter the screw.

2.Servo Motor

The feeding motor is 11kw famous brand servo motor.It can guarantee machine working stable and precise.The thickness of the veneer is accurate.

The cutting motor is 3.7kw servo motor,have enough power to cut the thick veneer,keep smooth cutting edges and precise size.

3.Guide Rail

The guide rail part make by high temperature quenching and CNC cutting method,increases the hardness and ensure guide rail has unlimited service life.

Avoid the wear problem like ordinary screw, and ensure machine operation no deviation, veneer width and thickness are accurate,produce high quality veneer.

4.Electroplating Roller

All peeling rollers have been quenched and electroplating,increases the peeling roller hardness and sevice life.

The roller pattern have different type.We will choose the right roller pattern acoording to clients differen wood species.

5.Schneider Electric

Our electric is international famous brand  Schneider or Siemens. Easy to get at anywhere.

Production process of Veneer and Plywood:

Veneer peeling through machines ensures an efficient processing of logs, is optimal for production of single layers of plywood and is used in coating of fine surfaces or production of block board veneers. The efficiency in production is and has always been the top priority of Sinoeuro Machinery peeling Veneers and Lumber.

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