Best 5 Manufacturers for Veneer Peeling machines In Indonesia

1. History of developmentof Rotary cutting machine 

A history of veneer cutting

Veneers are slices of wood cut to a particular thickness, that are used in two major ways: firstly, for structural wood products such as plywood or laminates and secondly for decorative surface veneers, the latter often having a high value or prominent or unusual appearance. The use of veneers has a long and illustrious history and for hundreds of years veneers were prepared by hand. Since the early nineteenth century veneers have been generally produced by three methods: sawing, slicing or rotary cutting. 

After the birth of the rotary cutting machine, after several decades of development, especially after 2000, there are many types of rotary cutting machines on the market with different brands, but the quality varies greatly, and the price is also high or low. How much a rotary cutting machine is the most concerned thing for everyone, and according to statistical data, the price range of rotary cutting machines on the market currently ranges from several thousand to tens of thousands, and there is still a certain gap, so how do we choose a machine with high cost performance?

2:Advanced Spindleless Veneer peeling lathe for plywood:


During the rotary cutting process of the rotary cutting machine, every component such as the frame, the double-wheel system, the knife holder, the transmission system, and the electrical system will affect the quality and efficiency of the board. Sinoeuro Machinery adopts advanced production technology and insists on making every component carefully. Therefore, the veneer produced by the machine has high uniformity, precision, smoothness and flatness. Its rotary cutting machine can be easily controlled between the thinnest 0.1mm and the thickest 10mm. It is easy to operate, reasonable in structure, more stable in performance, and has fewer wearing parts, which can effectively save wood resources.



High speed spindleless core veneer peeling machine ADVANTAGES: 

  1. Veneer peeling speed can be as fast to 150m/min.

2.Save power for 30%-50%.Normally the running current only the 50%of the rated current.  

 3.Good quality of veneer,smooth and evenness,thickness evenness ±0.05mm.

  1. Stable roller running speed , reduce the influence of voltage fluctuation.  
  2. Advanced control and remote trouble shootingtechnology.

6.Clipper integrated model,peeling and clipping at the same time.

7.Electronic Pump for Automatic Lubrication.

8.Advance CNC and user friendly operating system.

9.Automatic after log dropper.

10.Hardened Helical Gear &heavy duty gear box.

11.Use of 15KW servo motors for higher accuracy.

  1. Specially designed for Big hard wood Logs.   

Features of Automatic CNC Spindleless veneer peeler:


 1.Touching screen control system. You can set all kinds parameters in this system, and language showing in this controlling screen, can be translated into your country’s own language.

  1. The linearspeed of host machine and thicknessof the core veneer can be adjusted.
  2. Servo feeding motor.
  3. Automatic lubrication system. Ensure machine running stable, so the using life of the machine is extended.
  4. Feeding system is designed into leading screw and screw nut which is made from alloy. It guarantee feeding system synchronizing go forward and backward, so the veneer is in same thickness and smooth surface.
  5. Min. diameter of the wood core after peeling is 24mm, can max. help save wood log material.

Veneer peeling production line 

A complete automated veneer peeling production line includes log debarker, feeding conveyor, veneer peeling machine and a stacker.


In addition to the excellent performance of the equipment, Shandong Sinoeuro Machinery also attaches great importance to the quality of the equipment. Strictly quality control for manufacturing and improve for automation and keep updating technology.

We are committed to provide complete solutions for veneer peeling line, plywood making plant,LVL,block board,PB,OSB production Line etc. Main equipment include: Spindle and spindleless wood veneer peeling machine,veneer dryer, knife grinder, glue spreader, pre-press, hot press, core composer, double sizer saw, sanding machine, boiler, and related plant accessories and materials as well as full automatic assembling line. All our products are ISO certified and CE approved and it can ensure quality.We give one year warranty for exporting machines and 24hr on-line Free service. Our engineers are available to go abroad for machine installation and worker training in regular time. We also provide with production technology support on customers’ project, like technology transfer, flow chart drawing, optimization of manufacturing processes, automation improvement, plant construction and production material supply etc. Each machine can be customized with OEM, We Value Commitments, Quality Assurance, Clients focused & Service driven, Sinoeuro is your trustworthy partner.


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