How is particle board made?small budget particle board production line

How is particle board made?

Particle board making machine chipboard production line

Particle Board Production Line

Complete particle board production line can be used in furniture-making, flooring-making, packing industry, sound box, construction and decoration of vehicle or vessel etc.we can accept OEM service,we can change the working length and diameter as your requirement, also can change the motor type (DC or AC). we have rich technology experience and can design machine according to your requirement.

Professional engineers provide design drawings.20+ years experieced PB, OSB, plywood machine manufacturer with strong quality control system and team.

Product Description

 PB production line process drawing.

Chip preparation section: Drum chipper

Raw material, such as footpaths timber, branch wood, bamboo, wood processing waste, sawdust and other wood, is reduced into qualified chips by the drum chipper,  then the chips are transported to the chip bin, and then feed to the  knife-ring flakes by which the chips are turned to flakes, then the  flake stored in wet flake bin.

Flaking machine

The imported raw materials size:230*500mm

Fly number: 48pcs

Knife stick speed: 800rpm

The dimension: 4400mm×3800mm×3600mm

And all parameters can be customized according to your needs.

Hot Air Dryer

The flakes discharged from the wet flake bin are conveyed to the rotary dryer. Qualified core flakes are stored in core flake bin; oversize flakes are send to mill to be re-crushing, and transported to surface flake.

Glue regulating and applying section: Dryer

After scaled, the core and surface flakes are to be effectively  and uniformly mixed with qualified glue independently in their glue mixers respectively.

Forming Machine

This type of forming machine can make the board achieve better core structure to improve the physical and mechanics properties. It can also significantly reduce glue consumption and board density without losing quality.The surface and core flakes are sent into classi-forming machine, and forming on the mat conveyor uniformly.

Pre-press Machine

After processes of metal remover, pre-press, lengthwise saw, cross saw, accelerate conveyor, scaling conveyor, storing conveyor and loading conveyor, mats are transported to carrier and then to hot press. The continuous pre-press is to press the mat after forming so that the air inside the mat shall be pressed out partly and the strength of mat shall be increased.

Hot Press Machine

The base board will be push to the hot press by the automatic loader. after some certain time hot press, the board will be formed and get a solid quality. after hot pressed , the board will be unload to cooler automatically.

Cooling Turner

The rough board is conveyed to star-cooler for cooling

Edge Trimming Saw Machine

Then the rough board goes through side trimming saw and become  a qualified particle-board, stacked on the hydraulic lifter.

Sanding Machine

The board after trimming, then will be transfer to the sanding section. the board will be sanded three times, then will be stacked and classified. Sanding machine caters to the application of calibrating, finish sanding and polishing wood-based panel, such as particle board, MDF/HDF, plywood, gypsum bonded particle board, cement bonded particle board, bamboo plywood or other wood based and non wood-based panel.


Particle Board Production Line
Raw materialLogs,Pine, poplar, industrial wood,branches, twigs, industrial wood reidue
Board size3*6 feet, 4*8 feet, 6*9 feet, etc
Annual capacity10000cbm, 30000cbm, 50000cbm, 100000cbm
Total powerAccording to the capacity

This set of machine can produce particleboard of all thicknesses, such as 8mm, 9mm, 15mm, 18mm and so on.


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